What is this?

This is a blog about music, guitar, metal, production, etc.


When I’m making music, I often find myself running little “tests” and “experiments”–A/B comparisons, demos of gear, or scrutinizing some element of a signal chain.  I like to show the result via short videos, but there’s usually a lot more to unpack than just the final result.  Here, I go into more of those details, like:

  • my thoughts and expectations going into the experiment,
  • what I was right about–and what challenged my expectations,
  • anything else I learned along the way–tips, tricks, something I noticed that I haven’t before,
  • other pictures/analysis/etc (e.g. EQ curves) that tell a bigger story, and
  • links to DIs, presets, or anything else “behind the scenes” that might be interesting.


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